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Where we are based
Celf o Gwmpas
Centre Celf
Tremont Road
Llandrindod Wells
Contact details
Kayte Phillips
01597 822777
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Our vision is to achieve artistic innovation and increase recognition of the value in disability and inclusive arts practice.

Our mission is to create the connections for equality, nurture creativity and support ambition in the arts.

Celf o Gwmpas has a wide reputation for supporting disabled adults, young people and other socially excluded groups to explore their creative potential. We challenge ourselves to think in new ways and come up with new ways of working and collaborating. Our eighteen year history of creating high quality arts projects locally, nationally and internationally has enabled us to develop and strengthen good practice as well as to test out new ideas and approaches.

We have pioneered projects, exhibitions and residencies that open up opportunities for participation, develop artistic practice and presentation and supports social inclusion. We are interested in contemporary art and artists in society and contemporary visual culture.

Over the past five years, we have built successful and lasting relationships with a range of local, national and international disabled artists. We are committed to a way of working that has evolved to enable disabled artists we work with to be inspired by, explore, produce and reflect upon contemporary art practice.

On 22 May 2014, we re-launched in our new base, Centre Celf, a large, multi purpose arts space in Llandrindod Wells. Our accessible facilities and spaces including workshop, studio and performance space are suitable for different forms of artistic enquiry. We are able to accommodate performing and visual arts practice that includes sound, digital video and photography, live art and performance, large scale and screen based art.

Celf is building on previous ACW lottery funded programmes and strategic funds to create much needed, innovative equal opportunities for disabled and socially excluded people of all ages to access the arts, as practitioners and producers, audiences and participants.

We support individual disabled artists at key moments in their careers, through training, mentoring, residencies, studio groups and related activities. We support wide-ranging cultural activity, through our own work and through our tenant organisations and hirers, providing both an equal, social and cultural hub for the community and occupying an important and vital part of the wider cultural and creative community.

We serve the communities of Powys, but also hone a national and international outlook. We promote rural mid Wales as an exciting, distinct and inspiring place to work for a contemporary artist, and we set up new international cultural exchange opportunities to extend and increase our reach beyond our rural and regional location.

Celf o Gwmpas continuously seeks out organisations and frameworks to partner with, sharing expertise, exchanging ideas and breaking down barriers to reach the most disadvantaged members of our society. We offer a diverse and dynamic programme of cross-artform opportunities for participants of all ages to develop their own creativity, become makers and producers and have access to professional art exhibitions and presentations at Centre Celf as well as by visiting other galleries and venues in Wales.


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International projects

April 2016: Kettuki Arts Centre (Finland) ‘Kettuki Artists of the year’ Exhibition at Centre Celf, current artist of the year residency supported by a Kettuki artist tutor, skill sharing session for a peer group of young and emerging artists and artist’s talk. Every year Kettuki chooses "The artist of the year" and arranges a solo exhibitition for the artist. The first one was chosen in 2004 and since then Kettuki has chosen learning disabled artists annually, from all over Finland. An exception was made in 2009, when Danish artist Kenneth Rasmussen was chosen. The exhibition will feature work by the 12 Artists of the year from the Kettuki-collection. 2017: Solo exhibition of work by Celf o Gwmpas supported artist Dean Warburton at Kettuki Arts Centre, Hämeenlinna, Finland. Spring/Summer 2016: The Nina Haggerty Centre for The Arts (The Nina): Confusement Residency, Collaborative Workshops, Training & Exhibition Three week artistic residency with learning disabled artist Scott Berry supported by the Nina’s Artistic Director Paul Freeman. The artist will share his artistic practices, network with peers and share the working process developed for a collaborative group installation project Confusement. A major component of this installation was figurative sculptures made from the bodies of the artists who participated in the project. The Canadian artist will introduce this way of working to learning disabled artists in Wales and collaborate with them to produce a new work that uses these forms. Confusement, according to Scott Berry is, ‘the feeling of being stared at but no one can see who you are.’ Scott will direct the idea of the gallery becoming a confusing maze with immersive properties and surprising results. Week One: Travel to Wales from Edmonton – get settled in accommodation & acclimate to the time change etc. Visit the Centre CELF studio and meet peers – install artwork from The Nina studios. Workshop sessions in studios, explore Llandrindod Wells and build rapport with other artists. Week Two: Begin making figures and brainstorming installation strategy/themes. Collaboration to determine location and installation hanging strategy Week Three: Creation of the collaborative installation piece, Exhibition opening and artist’s talk. Return to Edmonton. 2018: Extended residency at the Banff Arts Centre, Alberta, Canada co-presented by Indefinite Arts and the Nina Haggerty Centre for The Arts.

Registered Charity Number 1034245