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Tanja Råman

Tanja Råman

About the ArtistTanja Råman

Tanja Råman is a multi-award winning choreographer and artistic director of TaikaBox – a dance and digital media company based in Cardiff. Tanja’s distinctive and individual style of movement has led to her work being shown in established British venues and dance events, including The Royal Opera House, Southbank Centre, The Place Prize in 2006 and British Dance Editions in 2008 and 2010. She and TaikaBox have toured nationally and internationally. Over the past ten years Tanja has particularly explored the innovative use of technology in her choreography, producing a strong body of high-quality work for stage, screen and site. Tanja choreographed for a 360 degree dance dome film, a prizewinner in the 2014 Shortcuts Experimental Film Festival in Austria.

Tanja is originally from Finland, but lives and works in Wales. She studied dance at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 1997-2000 and gained her MSc in Dance Science at Laban in 2003. Tanja completed her PGCE Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 2008. Tanja is a specialist in applied dance science and is also a qualified crania-sacral therapist.

The Proposal

Between Coil and Recoil is a choreographic research project that aims to develop Tanja’s choreographic practice in an international context. The main aims of the project are to explore the use of interactive technology in dance from a somatic perspective – through the performer’s and the audience’s felt experience of the body in motion – and to integrate the general public in the creative act itself. Tanja is planning to work with a team of experts from Wales and Finland, collaborating with artists from the fields of dance, sound, visual arts and interactive digital media.

The bigger international ambition of the project is to create a cultural bridge between artists in Wales and Finland to initiate a relationship that can assist further artistic exchange and to generate new research and co-production projects for the future.

The project will be realised in partnership with Theatr Harlech and JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre in Northern Finland. There will be additional support from Oulu Museum of Art OMA in Finland.

Finland with some additional support from Oulu Museum of Art OMA in Finland.

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