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Lowri Davies

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Lowri Davies

Lowri Davies’ Welsh heritage is a major source of inspiration. Distinct works in bone china reference china displays and household accumulations that allude to a sense of place through a re-stimulation of iconography and symbolism that has a deep relationship with her own roots.

Lowri has a degree in Ceramics from Cardiff School of Art (1998-2001) and a post-graduate degree in Ceramic Design from Staffordshire University (2007 – 2009). In 2001 she was the recipient of the Young Artist Scholarship at the National Eisteddfod and was awarded the Gold Medal in Craft and Design at the Eisteddfod in 2009. Lowri’s exhibition profile continues to reach audiences far and wide.

The Project

Lowri Davies expressed her need, at this stage in her career, to re-address and develop conceptual ideas to satisfy her endeavors as a visual artist working in ceramics.

Lowri DaviesEven though recent works have focussed on functional tableware, she also wishes to examine and strengthen recent lines of enquiry, such as further developing her Stereotype and New Welsh Souvenir collections, which have up until now only scratched the surface on established approaches of cultural representation.

With her newfound production techniques, such as plaster mould-making and slip-casting in bone china, Lowri aspires to undergo a period of intensive development; researching and creating distinctive and specialised collections to be exhibited in gallery environments. In effect, this will take her away from current making to invest time and energy in creating individual one-off pieces - such as dioramas and installation work - which will develop into thought-provoking exhibition displays.

Current lines under consideration are picturing a deeper sense of ‘belonging’ with landscape, home and the maternal figures from her ancestry as well as offering new insights into culture and heritage. Time will also be allocated to portraying the human figure and picturing music – particularly the narratives surrounding folk songs and Y Plygain.

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