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Paul Preston

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BiographyRed Mole in a Bush

Paul Preston was born in Leeds and he was educated in Yorkshire, earning a diploma in Architecture.

He practiced architecture for just two years before retiring to dive the waters round Lands End for crawfish and the recovery of non-ferrous metals from wrecks. He is a self taught jeweller. His enthusiasm for jewellery led to an international reputation with shows in Britain, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and the USA.

He now lives in rural Pembrokeshire with his Welsh wife and two children and works as a studio jeweller. His proudest achievement is having a beautiful gold brooch shown in the national collection held at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The Project

Paul is a studio jeweler using the alias ‘Red Mole’. He proposes that the Creative Wales Award will enable him to produce an illustrated book using his own drawings. The subject will be ‘A life of Mole’ and the title will be ‘Precipitation in sight’ which is a phrase used in the shipping forecast.

Red Mole on Fiddlers Green: Paul PrestonUsing his skills as a goldsmith, who mainly does ‘narrative’ pieces, Paul will make jewels that also illustrate the text thus supporting the drawings. By learning a new skill from Martin Bellwood Fine Art Foundry in Clynderwen, bronze sculptures of modest size may give further support to the drawings.

The book will be largely autobiographical but not a history; rather a series of observations drawn from his life. Nor will it exactly be a book since he plans to write it as an Index and Glossary. There will only be an ‘Imagined Book’ to which the index and glossary refer.

The whole group will then go on a touring exhibition, Wales, Edinburgh, London, Germany, Barcelona, Amsterdam and several venues in the USA. Eminent curators and academics have elected to write commentaries in the proposed catalogue.

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