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Tom Rack

Tom Rack

Theatre and Drama

Tom RackTom founded the NoFit State Circus with a group of friends in 1986.

He has since worked in almost every capacity the circus needs. He briefly ran away from the circus to Newport to study Interactive Arts and develop his interest in digital technology and installation.

Currently the Creative Director and Producer, Tom leads the creative team on most of NoFit State’s large-scale productions.

He has a passion for the continual evolution of circus and delights in challenging the audiences’ preconceptions believing the role of all technical and physical elements of a production is not to support the work but actively participate.

Interactive Circus

Tom Rack - Mundo Paralelo 2With this award Tom will be able to take time out from NoFit State and be able to set up a dedicated studio space and focus on his own artistic vision and practice.

Liberated from the limitations and constraints of a production, Tom will be able to engage fully with his personal research, artistic enquiry, and learning. This will inspire and inform his future work and drive forward new lines of creative enquiry and create new developments within the art form.

He plans to explore the boundaries between Circus equipment, sculpture, scenography and installation and re-engage with digital media, digital video and interactivity in the live art environment.

Tom hopes to combine these two creative strands in a way that is truly revelatory and create an astonishingly rich and exciting performance landscape.

He will explore the potential of some of the latest media control hardware and pioneer its creative application in a contemporary circus context. Tom will work with a small number of physical artists to re-imagine traditional circus equipment form and function.

At the end of the project he will draw together the outcomes with a public showing of the work in progress and debate.

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