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Caroline Sabin

Caroline Sabin

About the ArtistCaroline Sabin

Caroline Sabin studied Fine Art in Brighton graduating with a BA Hons 1st class then completed a postgraduate degree in choreography at the University of Amsterdam. The twelve years after study were spent creating and performing with a wide range of companies and directors including Greg Nash, Peter Greenaway, Dario Fo, Earthfall (seven projects including Too Old to Dream which won the Bafta Award for Best Short Film in 1999), Marc Rees (The House Project best theatre show 2004), Good Cop Bad Cop, Sean Tuan John, James Williams, Eddie Ladd, Gerald Tyler, Volcano, Willi Dorner, Joanna Young, Lea Anderson and National Theatre Wales.

A self-confessed "nerd", she has a strong interest in neuro-science and the implications of current research on how we view our conceived/perceived reality. Inspired by these questions and an innate desire to make aesthetically engaging environments, she returned to making her own work in 2007 (most recently A Curious Zoo) which has shown internationally. She has two short films - Rest/Full and Tune for a Woodland Creature - in the permanent collection of the Film House of the National Library.

The Proposal

a_ curious_zooAt the core of her Swimming Upstream proposal is the desire to be more authentic, courageous, provocative and constructive as an artist - offering up a different viewpoint from the current cultural mainstream.

Caroline ’s Creative Wales proposal involves two parallel strands to prompt development in her art.

Strand One - Stopping the incessant media flow
She proposes going completely 'off-grid' for a good length of time - between one and three months. She will have her own media free space: no phone, computer, films, TV, novels, text books, radio or newspapers.

Strand Two - Making, making, making!
In this self imposed space she will engage in making. The emphasis will be less on creating a finished product and more an opportunity to observe the process of decision making in an entirely un-pressured environment.

Caroline will spend three blocks of one month each in three strongly different natural environments - by the sea, in a woodland, and high up a mountain. In this remoteness, she wants to be drawn to engage with the objects and environment around her.

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