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Rakhi Singh

Rakhi Singh

Rakhi SinghAbout the Artist

Rakhi Singh was born in Llandeilo to English and Indian parents. Picking up a violin at an early age she went on to have numerous successes in both National and International competitions. Her early career accolades include The Blue Riband, Bryn Terfel Scholarship, Prince of Wales award, Audi Junior Musician of Great Britain 1996, Texaco Young Musician of Wales 1997.

As a classical musician Rakhi has had an already distinguished career from playing concertos, leading the Barbirolli Quartet, playing with the Academy of St-Martin-in-the-Fields, guest leading orchestras such as the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. She has even toured with Take That. Through her travels as a musician she has had many diverse cultural experiences from hearing traditional music in Kazakhstan to performing for, and being welcomed into, a Maori community in New Zealand.

The Proposal

Classical, Folk and Beyond took shape as a result of spending many years studying and performing classical music at the highest level. Rakhi realised that the music that resonates most with her has some direct link to folk music. She’s always had an interest in music from different cultures and during the time of her Creative Wales Award, Rakhi a supreme performer, will set off in search of her individual voice. As a composing performer she proposes an investigative personal study of folk music Welsh, Bulgarian, Egyptian and Indian folk music.

Initially she wants to experiment in arranging Welsh folk tunes - infusing them with the elements from other cultures that strike a chord with her and working with musicians from other genres will be a fundamental part of this process. She'd like to raise the profile of the violin in Wales. And through her own compositional development, working with welsh composers, and utilising her wealth of knowledge of the core classical repertoire, Rakhi hopes to build interesting and varied programmes.

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