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STAMP is a three year programme where the continuing regeneration of Caernarfon is to be achieved through meaningful community involvement, participation and dialogue.

Its aim is to enrich the regeneration projects that are pursued through inclusion of artistic content that has been elicited through discussion and which is deeply rooted in place recognition.

Objectives :

    Yma wyf finnau i fod: Caernarfon
  • Design and create a temporary dialogue space within the Island site as a pilot project.
  • Commission a series of artistic interventions on and within, the town that have arisen from
  • grass roots and which could take on a variety of different forms and medium.
  • Set up a Dialogue Forum to include the community, artists, professionals and the Programme’s partner bodies and organisations in order to scope out ideas, insights and future opportunities
  • and collaboration.
  • Plan a series of events designed to explore themes geared towards uncovering potential intervention sites on the waterfront and other possible area around the town.

Caernarfon Waterfront and Town Centre Regeneration Initiative

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Registered Charity Number 1034245