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Public Value Partnership

Arts Council of Wales and BBC Wales share the vision of Wales as a creative nation.

Why have we partnered with BBC Wales?

We both have a strong commitment to deepening and widening audiences for the arts and we’re both engaged in national advocacy on behalf of arts and culture in support of the ethos of publicly funded arts and broadcasting.

Together we share a commitment to public engagement in the arts. We’re also passionate about developing and supporting the best creative talent.

Through our joint endeavours and best use of public funding we want to help ensure the future of a vibrant, inclusive and economically dynamic creative Wales.

What is this Agreement?

This Partnership Agreement provides a framework to facilitate deeper and more meaningful collaboration between BBC Wales, Arts Council of Wales and the wider arts sector and has three main aims:

  1. Talent: Support creative and artistic talent in Wales, the skills they have and the work they make.
  2. Audience: Find ways that the arts can reach more people in Wales - live and broadcast.
  3. Sustainability: Working efficiently together now to ensure a strong future for the arts and creative sector in Wales.
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Public Value Partnership Extension Agreement between Arts Council of Wales and BBC Wales

This document extends our original Public Value Partnership entered into on 2 May 2013 and renews our joint practical commitment to arts and culture in Wales.

Public Value Partnership

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