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ArtWorks Cymru Quality Principles

We asked ArtWorks Cymru to create The quality principles to to ask many questions about quality means in the context of arts participation.

The journey to create these principles started with a big discussion in Carmarthen. Artworks Cymru asked lots of questions -

  • What does ‘ quality ’ mean when you are creating work with people ?
  • How do we know when we see / feel / hear quality?
  • What do we need to do to ensure quality?

We didn’t really have a framework to help us structure our conversation. But now these will give you a way to talk about quality that can be used by everyone who is making participatory arts.

To see the Quality Principles in full, go to the ArtWorks Cymru website.

Photo below: Banner by Robyn Woolston, Strike Penrhyn.

ArtWorks Cymru Quality Principles

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