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Creative Wales Awards 2011/12

Jo Shapland


Jo-ShaplandJo is a mature performer, dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, installation artist, fine artist and compulsive self-documenter. She is the primary artist and artistic director of Man Troi. Rooted in landscape, her work is developed and presented in spaces ranging from ruined farm-buildings to traditional proscenium theatres, from natural wilderness to urban architectural interiors.

She has lived and worked in Wales since 1993, and has a deep connection to its cultural life and wild places.

Originally trained as a contemporary dancer, she now practices psychophysical training that includes Asian martial and meditation arts, improvisation and aerial dance.

  • Her practice is time-based.
  • Her performances are time-based autobiographies.
  • Her work is site-sensitive.
  • Her practice is both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.
  • Her practice is the unravelling of intricate processes.
  • Her ideas congregate as Visual Polyphony

Project - ‘Being In Place’

jo-shapland-dance-for-neanderthal-photo-Michal-Iwanowski‘Being In Place’ is a 15-month programme of research-based activities predominantly based in Pembrokeshire with some activity in Brighton and the USA.

Jo aims to further investigate and refine an element that she began during her [in]scape residency at the Mostyn, Llandudno in 2005 and from the research that resulted in her choreography Dance for Neanderthal, commissioned in 2010.

She will immerse herself in 5 rural locations and develop ‘Landscape Scores’ from which to experiment with Visual Polyphony in a ‘black box’ control space. This will involve submersion, for brief episodes, in collaboration with other practitioners’ artistic ‘languages’: choreographic, inter-disciplinary, visual, sonic, dramaturgical, archaeological and geographical.

Jo would like this work to have more than just an ephemeral performance presence and to create a solid, useful tool for developing practice in the future – for her and others. Applied to other situations and to artists from varied disciplines, she wants to push the boundaries of her work and to open up possibilities.

This is a means to progress dance as an artform, to take it into new areas. Jo hopes that the whole project will be a catalyst for this work that is inherently embedded in and springing from landscapes of Wales.

This program will include workshop activities, rehearsals, mentoring, presentations, feedback sessions, exploratory visits and meetings.

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