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Creative Wales Awards 2011/12

Simon Fenoulhet

Visual Arts

Simon-FenhouletSimon Fenoulhet is an artist who plays with our understanding of the material world by manipulating everyday objects with unexpected outcomes. The recurrent theme is one of transformation, re-presenting the familiar in ways which cause us to question the way we read the world.

In recent years, his use of light has added another dimension to the work. By making light an integral part of each piece, drinking straws, table tennis balls and waste pipes take on new meanings, subverting their original function.

Simon studied Fine Art at both Newport and Cardiff Colleges of Art gaining a Masters Degree in 1987.

Light Lab

Simon’s project consists of a year long programme of experimentation and dialogue, which will culminate in both text and prototype artworks. Working from his Cardiff studio, he plans to make a series of large scale opalescent light screens using both natural and artificial light, so that he can experiment with backlit, translucent objects and the illuminated surface in an architectural context.

Hollow-Promise-simon-fenoulhetThe process will start in the studio but as the project develops, Simon plans to build a ‘Light Lab’. This will be a room or building as a purpose made venue for a ‘wall of light’.

In addition to the material processes of the studio based work, Simon wants to open up dialogues with others as a way of getting critical feedback on his work and examine the conceptual framework that underpins what he does. He plans to discuss his work with artist Neville Gabie, Steven Connor, Professor of Modern Literature and Theory at Birkbeck College and architect Jonathan Vining.

These dialogues will provide a narrative backdrop to the experimental processes in the studio and this mixture of the practical and the conceptual will be a way of reinvigorating Simon’s practice using both his head and his hands.

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