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Sue Hiley Harris

Sue Hiley Harris

Applied Arts and Craft

Sue Hiley HarrisSue Hiley Harris is a sculptor weaver born and brought up in Brisbane, Australia. The Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons on the eastern border of Wales have been her chosen home for over thirty years.

Her work brings together pervasive themes in her life and art encompassing the study of fine art, a fascination with geometry, an abiding interest in science and a deep understanding of the structure of yarn and the practice of weaving.

She has exhibited in Great Britain and many other countries including Australia, Canada, Romania, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Japan.

Woven Body Sculpture

Sue Hiley Harris - Eighteen Faces Three SpacesSue’s intention is to explore the potential to create sculptural objects that may be worn comfortably on the body and, particularly although not exclusively, around the neck. They may, in addition, be displayed as small works of sculpture. When worn these would not be seen as static objects but as structures in motion interacting with the wearer.

Although this will be new work with a significantly different purpose, it will, at least initially, be a development from the forms that she has been engaged with for the last fifteen years.

Sue has developed a unique type of work that can best describe as ‘woven sculpture’. Woven and constructed in its execution, the end result is sculpture.

Sue plans to follow several avenues of research, creative experiment and rigorous development to explore, test and re-develop ideas and skills.

She envisages studying the body through life-drawing and traditional/ historical forms of body adornment through museum visits. Sue also plans to integrate new methods and materials derived from silversmithing with her existing techniques.

The Creative Wales Award period will be used for research, development and skill acquisition and as an opportunity to re-examine the ideas and themes that underpin Sue’s work.

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