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Manon Awst

Manon Awst

About the ArtistManon Awst

Manon Awst (born in Bangor, 1983) studied Architecture at Cambridge University, after receiving a distinction in Art Foundation at Coleg Menai, Bangor.

Awst has collaborated with Benjamin Walther since 2006. Their interdisciplinary practice explores cultural and social structures, questioning the contemporary spaces and environments that shape the way we see, think and behave today.

Influenced by their professional backgrounds, they create spatial, encompassing installations, sculptures and performances for exhibitions and outdoor, site-specifc contexts. Their most recent projects include Pretty Destructive at Kunstverein Nürnberg, Ground to Sky at PSM in Berlin and the discursive interdisciplinary forum Far and Wide at Barclodiad-y-Gawres, Anglesey.

The Proposal

ground_to_skyInstrumental Environments allows Awst to carve out a core period of concentrated research in partnership with Walther, allowing space to develop specific thematic motives generated by their recent Far and Wide forum, and experiment with new artistic forms that will guide their future practice. Thematically, they will focus on the re-conceptualisation of environment, questioning contemporary roles and responsibilities in the face of climate change, ecological imbalances and connected socio-political crises. From the 'broken landscapes of late Capitalism – an ‘unsteady conglomerate of ecological, social, political, economic, technological and digital fragments' – their proposal attempts to imagine newly configured future environments.

The Award will also establish a Caernarfon Studio as a think-tank and spring-board for new local projects and collaborations. This would follow on from the networks generated in the town during their recent residency at Segontium Roman Fort.

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