Arts Council of Wales | Claire Curneen
Creative Wales Ambassador Award 2011/12

Claire Curneen

Applied Arts & Craft

Claire CurneenClaire is one of the UK’s foremost ceramicists whose work is distinct for its figuration. She is also a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Ceramic Studies, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

She exhibits her work on an international stage and it can be found in many collections around the world, including the Crafts Council, London, National Museum and Gallery of Wales, Cardiff, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Benaki Museum, Athens, the Icheon World Ceramic Centre, Korea, and the National Museum of Scotland.

The Museum Object as a Point of Reference

Builders: Claire CurneenThe Creative Wales Ambassador Award gives Claire a great opportunity to explore the rich collection of the National Museum of Ireland. The museum artefact tells a story; it is suspended in time charged with a sense of its own history.

Claire will work closely with the museum to understand certain objects and reflect this in a new body of work. The Mission Gallery, Swansea will provide her with a drawing studio where her museum research can be explored further, in turn creating a significant new body of work, exposed to a new audience. The work will be exhibited internationally, in Wales, Ireland and the USA.

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