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Art and creativity at the heart of education


Wales is leading the way with a ground-breaking creative learning scheme, which puts art and creativity at the heart of education and is transforming teaching methods across the curriculum.

To showcase this, 32 of the participating schools have been selected to take part in Tate Exchange. The international foundation Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE), a Tate Exchange Associate, will be working in partnership on the delivery of the activity throughout the week.

This week will bring to life the positive impact this scheme has had on schools, teachers, pupils and the artists involved. Visitors will be taken on a journey through the ‘Five Creative Habits of Mind’- the bespoke teaching pedagogy that underpins this bold and ambitious programme.

This is a programme about change and improvement across all of our schools, giving us the opportunity to reboot the way we think about and support the role that creativity plays in the lives of our young people. At its heart is the conviction that if we are to nurture the learning capability of children in Wales, an arts rich education should be central to the whole school experience of all learners.

So far, more than 40,000 pupils from 548 schools in Wales have benefited from the innovative Lead Creative Schools Scheme, part of the Welsh Government and Arts Council of Wales joint funded £20 million programme Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for Wales 2015-2020.


Creative Habits of the Mind TATE: Creative learning through the arts Creative Learning


Lead Creative Schools: Ysgol Deganwy

A creative approach to developing Welsh language and culture


Lead Creative Schools: Ysgol Cedewain

Pioneering scheme improves academic and social skills


Lead Creative Schools: Ysgol Y Cribarth

Creative approach ti literacy and numeracy


Lead Creative Schools: Ysgol y Gogarth

New creative learning scheme improves academic and social skills

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