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Access to the Arts for Disabled Visitors and their Carers.

What is Hynt?

Hynt is a card scheme that enables a disabled visitor with a simple swipe of a card to get the same deal on concessionary tickets across the country, whether in Cardiff, Carmarthen or Caernarfon. It’s also a resource for disabled visitors to see listings of accessible performances.

35 venues across Wales are now members of the scheme and over 6,000 HYNT cards have been issued.

The scheme aims to remove some of the barriers that prevent audiences from enjoying everything that the arts can offer; opening up spaces and giving people the chance to have meaningful, memorable and inspiring experiences.

What has Hynt achieved?

  • Over 6000 membership cards issued
  • Presents Wales as an equal and cohesive cultural country that is accessible to all
  • Access to up-to-date venue information to help disabled customers plan their visit

On the Well-being Checklist: Resilience ✔ Health ✔ Equality ✔ Community ✔ Culture ✔ Global ✔

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