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Splash Cymru

Splash Cymru is a programme of positive and constructive activities for 13 to 17-year-olds that runs in the school holidays in Wales.


It was launched in 2002 (originally for ages 9 to 17), following the success of the Splash and Splash Extra programmes in England.

Funded and managed by the Youth Justice Board, the programme consists of locally run schemes based in areas experiencing high levels of crime and deprivation.

Young people at high risk in Splash neighbourhoods are engaged in a range of appropriate activities and interventions aimed at preventing their involvement in anti-social behaviour and offending.

'Splash' and the Council

Arts Council of Wales is a delivery partner to the Youth Justice Board. Many schemes secured funding from the Arts Council Wales. This has allowed schemes to expand the arts and craft activities that they deliver. The ranges of activities are vast, but include ceramics, painting portraits, making posters and collages and jewellery making.

More about Splash Cymru can be found on the Youth Justice Board information page.

Registered Charity Number 1034245