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Strands for Organisations

We call the types of activity we want to support "strands". We are very clear about what we want to achieve from each strand, and how they help us meet our strategic priorities.

We have separate guidance notes for each strand. Please follow the links below to see the guidance notes, get further information about the types of projects we want to support and how to make an application.

Audience Development

To support projects which take a clear, targeted and measurable approach to developing audiences. Select this strand

Business and Organisational Development

To help arts organisations become more resilient and self-sustaining. Select this strand


To support high quality and distinctive celebrations of the best in the arts in Wales. Select this strand

Music Industry Development

To support projects that develop the foundations for a vibrant music industry in Wales and that help music talent in Wales to build a sustainable career. Select this strand


To support the creation of high quality artistic work for presentation to audiences. Select this strand

Programme Support for Venues and Galleries

To support projects that curate and present high quality, distinctive and exciting artistic work that enhances a venue or gallery’s programme. Select this strand

Research and Development

To support experimentation and to enable the exploration and development of new ideas, new collaborations and new ways of working. Select this strand

Taking Part

To provide more ways for people to take part in high quality arts activity. Select this strand

Criw Celf

Developing talent in the visual and applied arts for young people of school age. Select this strand

Training and Professional Development

To develop the skills, competence and capability of those working in the arts in Wales. Select this strand

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