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Contracts, fees and legal issues

Advice for Creative Professionals.

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Artists' Contracts

Contracts are vital in knowing where you stand. They should clarify the relationship between you and your commissioner (the person or organisation who is paying for your time) and should be related to your practice and terms of employment.

When entering into a contract you need to know what your responsibilities will be. For example:

  • What is the artists' fee
  • Who and what is insured
  • Who is responsible for promoting the event
  • Who is responsible for technical/administration/marketing and transportation
  • What is the contingency if the event is cancelled
More information:

Artquest: Artists Resource
The Artists Contracts Toolkit: a-n The Artists Information Company

Artists' Fees

Before you begin working as an artist on a project in a freelance role, agree a fee for your time. It is important you and the client knows your worth.

Many arts organisations and companies will have rates based on recognised industry standards. These can be based on experience. Remember to do your research as you don't want to under sell yourself.

Further details about this can be found in the Getting Started information.

Public Liability Insurance

In addition to insurance for your work, Public Liability insurance is essential when undertaking any workshops or art activities involving members of the public, be it in a community centre, an outdoor park or school.

If a person becomes injured or equipment is broken, the artist can be held personally accountable and liable for any compensation.

DBS – Disclosure and Barring Service

Previously known as a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check – DBS is the name given to the procedure job applicants who apply to work with certain vulnerable people and children will have to undertake before taking up employment.

Visit the DBS Website

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