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The Arts Council needs to be engaged with all parts of contemporary Wales. Currently we want to push the boundaries and change the nature of the conversation we have, even with those who are most often in touch with us and already know what we do. We want to do this to sharpen the focus of our work in future and the action of the arts.

At this time, our talk and engagement needs to go wider and deeper. We know some inroads have been made in recent times, so we are currently helping rethink the place of the arts in education, the place of arts in communities, the role they can play in empowering people, in putting a premium on equalities, how the arts can give form to a bilingual nation, how they can improve well-being, how they can expand horizons and speak of Wales in the world.

These are challenging times for the publicly funded arts in Wales. This isn’t because people don’t care about them – the public continue to enjoy and take part in the arts in large numbers. It isn’t because the work is poor – feedback – locally, nationally and internationally tells us differently.

The arts remain vulnerable because continuing economic pressures on public funding are forcing uncomfortable choices about which functions in society should continue to benefit from current levels of investment. Arts Council of Wales is particularly having to address a down turn in its income as a lottery distributor. All of which means if it is to have ambitions for the arts and their reach, the next few years need a concentrated focus on some key goals.
We are pleased you want to contribute your thoughts.

To help kick off the discussion here are some prompts in advance of our discussion forum and the on-line platforms our All Wales Creative Conversation will have.

What follows isn’t intended to close down the things you will want to talk about. If you’ve got some burning issues that you want to air, we want to hear them. These conversations need to be about people, places and experiences.

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