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‘Me & Mine’ Arts Fun!

During the Summer half term Young Carers from across Powys came together for a 4 day arts camp at Sychpwyll, Llandrinio.

The aim of the arts camp was to create a geo-desic dome which would act as a portable exhibition space to go on tour next year as part of the Cultural Olympiad. 40 young carers spent their time working with a range of artists working on portraits, graphic work, poetry, printing and much more to create panels that would be attached to the dome. The theme of the work was ‘Me & Mine’ and the young carers created art works that reflected this as well as poetry about what being a young carer meant to them.

The arts camp was a great opportunity for the young carers who attended. They gained a lot from working together and were hugely proud of the work they had created.

Dux, Team Leader for Powys Young Carers said "The arts camp was a truly magical space for collaboration and creativity – 40 young carers enjoying the safety of genuine connection and allowed to thrive in a space of play and exploration – possibly the best experience I have ever shared!"

All the artists were amazing and a big thank-you to Blue McAskill, Alex, James & Dom Carpenter, Caroline Lowe, Stewart, Azzi, Amy Sterly, Martin Daws, Megan Brydie, Seb Ap-Stewart, Anne Evans, Michelle Brydie, Sally Duckers and last but not least Dux.

The workshops are part of a three year project that is being managed by Arts Connection – Cyswllt Celf for Powys Young Carers and is funded by the LankellyChase Foundation.

Photos courtesy of Cordelia Weedon.
‘Me & Mine’ Arts Fun!

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