Arts Council of Wales | Maesyrhandir's Gangsta Granny encounter at Theatr Hafren

Maesyrhandir's Gangsta Granny encounter at Theatr Hafren

Maesyrhandir County Primary School in Newtown were awarded a Go and See grant to take all of their KS2 learners (7-11 years) to watch Gangsta Granny at Theatr Hafren.

Literacy and long-term learning

Maesyrhandir CP School had been reading of David Walliams’ books with their learners in school and recognised that this new experience would have a positive impact on the learners’ longer term learning.

Before the visit the children undertook a Literacy project on the book; learning about the physical structure of a book as well as how a book is constructed with author’s note, title pages, story structure, etc.

'How did people get out of the telly?'

"The value of this theatre visit is immeasurable. For some children it was their first experience of a live performance. One child asked ‘how did the people get out of the telly?’ It was a very positive experience from a social, creative, inspiring point of view." – Senior Administrator

Teacher feedback was as enthusiastic as the pupils, "M’s parents didn’t want him to go to the theatre as he’s never been before and with his special needs they were worried he wouldn’t cope with the stimulation and environment, but I persuaded them to let us take him and if there were any problems I would take him out to calm down. M sat with his mouth open on the edge of his seat the whole time, only turning to grab my hand and grin at me and laugh. It was the loveliest thing". – Teacher

"This is the best day ever" – Pupil

"Can we go to the theatre every week" – Pupil

"I want to be an actor" – Pupil

Maesyrhandir's Gangsta Granny encounter at Theatr Hafren
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